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Is a subsidiary of Hackages; the educational platform for software engineers. We are a team of dedicated designers, developers, product developers, sales and marketing who believe this initiative can be a game changer in the Tech Recruiting world.

In our team, we strive for a learning culture. We are constantly learning and challenging ourselves to get better in what we do and achieve high quality results. Freedom, responsibility and transparency are the essence of our team work.

Education is in our DNA

Our goal is to close the gap between developers and technical recruiters. How? By being your guide throughout the Tech world and teaching you all about the technology terms.

Through training, products and loads of contents, we will challenge you and create a learning experience that will foster your Tech Hiring processes and helping you build knowledge, confidence and trust on how to speak to a software developer.

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Want to be part of our cool, enthusiast and tech-savy team?  Send us your open application, surprise us with what you are good at and we will get back to you asap!


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